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Design and creation of meta hero!

2022-09-12 11:02:14

The hero character design is based on the original concept design drawing of the character (NPC) designed by the original artist. The modeler uses 3D software such as 3Dmax or maya to complete the modeling and carving, making the model more tense, vivid and flexible. After the modeling is completed, we also need to add materials, textures and colors to the
completed 3D model, bake the normals and CV and AO maps according to the UV segmentation of the modeler, and start the production of textures, not only on the color. To restore the original painting, it is also necessary to restore the materials used in terms of texture, material, etc.,
so that it can appear more realistic. Finally, the lighting effect is added to make the 3D character more vivid and vivid.